Pictured below is a small part of the team that makes Three Guys and Coriandus the powerhouse it has grown in recent years. Every person on our staff, from the dishwashers to our Executive Chef, is an integral part of our success. We have the most amazing team of dedicated individuals who give their all every single day and we certainly would not be where we are without them!

Maninder Kalsi

Co-Founder/MD/Ring Master

A big foodie by heart. From sales to marketing, from introducing new items to menu planning, from cost controlling to budgeting, from hiring new staff to evaluating their performance, from inventing new ideas to executing them. The believer, the man behind the show! Email:

Inderjeet Kalsi



Biraj Sharma

Accounts HOD

Having worked with brands like Radisson Blu, Tata Hotles, ICICI, DS Group, with over 7 years experience, Mr.Biraj heads the accounts department. Email:

Raj Roy

Operations Manager

Having worked with brands like Taj, Lila, Oberoi's, with over 11 years of experience Mr.Roy manages the day to day operations of Three Guys. Email:

Mrinmoy Bose

Sales/Marketing - Manager

Having worked with most of the popular brands in North East like Center Point, Polo Towers, Kiranshree, Nandan, with over 9 years of experience Mr.Mrinmoy manages all the marketing campaigns of the organisation and heads the sales team. Email:

Sujit Chandra Das

Executive Chef

With over 16 years of experience, Mr. Sujit is the most important person in the kitchen. He has been with us since the inception of Three Guys. He heads the kitchen team and is responsible for maintaining the quality of food and standards we're known for.

Nripen Deka

Purchase Manager/Cost Controller

He's responsible for buying the best quality ingredients, goods and services, at the most competitive prices, to enable our organisation to maintain the quality and standards we set and to save money and increase profits. Email: